clubs v.1

Club Name Day Time Location Description
Anime Wednesday 2-3pm Rm. 105 Students can watch, discuss, and play anime with students who have a shared interest in the subject.
Book Club Monday Nights Nu Café Students
Community Service Wednesdays On and off campus volunteer work
Cultural Dance Fridays 2-3pm
Environthon Wednesdays 2-3pm Team learns about natural resources (soil, water, forestry, wildlife) through meetings, workshops, field trips, etc in preparation for competition at Massachusetts Envirothon held in May.
First Knight Chess Club Wednesday 2-3pm Rm. 306 Students compete against other students and teachers in chess.
Food Drive Dec-Feb 2-3pm Rm. 306 The food drive provides goods and non-perishables to local food banks with a massive school wide competition amongst students and teachers.
Gamers Club 2-3pm Rm. 106 Students engage in discussing and playing video games.
Highlanders Who Code Thursdays 2-3pm Rm. 207 A chapter of the national initiative Girls Who Code (boys are welcome) where students with no experience in coding can collaborate with others and design a project that uses basic programming skills
Math Team Students compete in various math meets around central Massachusetts.
Mock Trial Team TBD TBD Students join a competitive team that faces other schools in their district in a mock trial based on an assigned mock case.
Model UN Model UN , is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees.
Outdoor Club Various days Rm.336 or outside Students participate in apple picking, hiking, star-gazing, kayaking, camping, rockwall gym climbing, and more.
PEACH CLUB Tuesdays and Thursdays Rm. 412 PEACH stands for Promoting Exercise and Continuous Health.
Philosophy Wednesdays 2-3pm Rm. 411 Students discuss philosophical issues.
Ski Club January Wachusett Mountain Once a week starting in January, students will travel to Wachusett Mountain to ski and snowboard.
Stand for the Silent Tuesdays (as scheduled) Rm. 106 Stand for the Silent promotes positive activities and provides anti-bullying education and activities.
Student Council 1st Tuesday of the month 6-7pm Cafeteria The Doherty Student Council is a school-wide student government body comprised of elected representatives from each grade.
Student Workroom Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2-3pm Rm. 317 Students are offered a place to complete assignments after school. Peer tutors are available to them as well.
Superintendent’s Advisory 3rd Thursday of the month Off Campus Student members are nominated by school staff and administrators to represent our school and its students in monthly meetings with the Superintendent of the Worcester Public Schools.
Table Tennis Tuesdays 2-3pm Gym Students learn table tennis and compete with one another.
Theatre Club Thursdays Rm.103 Aud Students rehearse for performances in a spring show of one-act plays.
Vex Robotics Wednesdays 2-3pm Rm. 302B Students construct and program robots to compete in National Vex Robotics competitions.
Yoga Club Tuesdays 2-2:30pm Students learn basic yoga poses and meditation methods to practice balance, strength and focus.
Zumba Tuesdays 2-2:30 Rm. 426 Students learn and perform Zumba for exercise and stress relief.